How to Deep Clean a Vacuum

How to Deep Clean a Vacuum

Your vacuum works hard to keep your floors clean, but do you know how to clean your vacuum as it needs? Just like any other appliance, your vacuum occasionally needs some TLC to keep it running in top shape. Keeping your vacuum clean and performing routine maintenance like regularly changing your vacuum filter or replacing your vacuum bag can keep your vacuum working like new for years.
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Man Clearing Leaves From Guttering Of House In The Fall

Top 5 Fall Seasonal Home Upgrades For Clean Air Circulation

One of the primary reasons to upgrade your home is that fall allergies are rampant in most of the country. Ensuring your home has clean, pure air circulating through is the best way to keep those allergies at bay. Learn more about the top 5 home upgrades to do this fall and how they help to prevent fall allergies, here.
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How to Make Your House Smell Good

Many homeowners do not realize there are smells inside their homes until they have been away for a while. Most people become accustomed to the scents of their house which could lead to offensive odors lingering, even after cleaning. Learn more about how to deodorize your house and how air purifiers, hepa air filters, and other ways can help.
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The Importance of Keeping Your HEPA Air Filter Clean

An air purifier can improve the quality of life for those in your home by filtering the air you breathe. But it's important to make sure you are using a clean filter that will do the job right. In this article you will learn about air filters, specifically HEPA air filters, and how to clean them effectively.
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What is Black Mold?

It's estimated that one in five Americans have environmental allergies, and one of the leading culprits is black mold. What is really frustrating when you have a family member with allergies is figuring out the source of the distress when...

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thick wildfire smoke in neighborhood from forest fires

The Best Air Purifier for Wildfire Smoke is Here

As wildfire season starts again, so do the harrowing consequences of wildfire smoke. However, as global warming continues to heat our planet at a faster rate, wildfire smoke is no longer an issue only for the west coast - as...

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woman blowing nose because of dog and pollen allergies

Survival Guide to 2021 Allergy Season

Here it comes. The itchy eyes. A tickle in your nose. Congestion? Maybe for a day, and then BAM! Runny nose the next. Unpredictable and annoying, seasonal allergies can affect people everywhere at any time of year, depending on what triggers them.
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woman breathing in fresh air while reading a book on couch

5 Easy Tips For Improving Your Indoor Air Quality At Home

After over a year of quarantining, staying socially distant, and finding fun in the confines of our own homes, we’ve spent a lot of time inside. But, even as we return to normal, it might surprise you to learn that on average, we spend approximately a colossal 90% of our time indoors, whether it’s inside our homes, work offices (now home offices), shopping centers, or other businesses. That’s a substantial amount of time inside which begs the question: do we really know what we are breathing in? 

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