cars on the street releasing air pollutants which creates air pollution

Car Emissions and Air Pollution: Health Impacts of Air Pollution and Ways to Improve Air Quality

Cars and trucks are the leading cause of air pollution today in the USA. Cars have created a reliance on personal vehicles for transportation and increased the number of highways, resulting in the closure of certain public transports. Learn about the major air pollutants from cars, how they impact your health, how you can reduce air pollution from your car, and more, here.
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couple walking in the city using umbrella in the rain

Can Rain Really Decrease Air Pollution?

We breathe in and breathe out all the time. But when you have allergies or are sensitive to air pollution, that unconscious activity is something you're constantly aware of, because "as easy as breathing" can be a bit of a challenge when you're coughing and wheezing. Air quality is important, and in the US, the air we breathe is cleaner than it's been in years. But what about Mother Nature's great jokes, otherwise known as pollen, ragweed, and mold? Learn more about if rain decreases air pollution, if it makes pollen and allergies worse, and how to ease those symptoms, here.
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indoor plants on windowsill helping to improve indoor air quality

Plants To Have In Order To Help With Air Quality

Common indoor air pollutants can seriously compromise our health but plants can help filter out some of the more common household pollutants. Learn more about  how plants improve air quality and which plants to are best for improving indoor air quality.
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woman using air purifier to get rid of pet dander and improve indoor air quality

How Pets Affect Your Indoor Air Quality: Pet Dander Allergy

While you may have heard of greenhouse gases, CO2 emissions, and other related terms, you may not be as familiar with common indoor pollutants found in your home that could be putting your health at risk. Learn more about what indoor air pollutants are, what pet dander is, and how to remove pet dander from your home.
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cleaning window ac unit outdoors in spring

Actionable Tips for Cleaning Your Window AC Unit

Clean air is a core part of human health and happiness. Unfortunately, indoor air quality or dirty air can cause various health issues, including asthma, allergies, coughs, and dandruff. An improperly functioning window air conditioner unit can also harm your family by creating an unhealthy environment. For that reason, we've dedicated this comprehensive blog to enlighten you about how to clean your window air conditioner, the importance of cleaning your window AC unit, and when you should do it.
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fireplace smoke coming out of the chimney

How To Prevent Fireplace Smoke & What To Do If It Happens

There is nothing like spending a cozy evening wrapped up next to the glow and crackle of a fireplace. What no one wants, though, is a lot of smoke coming out of the fireplace. You can take steps to prevent fireplace smoke in the house, though, and still enjoy the glow and crackle of a wood-burning stove. Discover some quick tips and why an air filter for smoke might be exactly what you need to make those fireside nights safer.
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family enjoying good quality indoor air during the winter season in their living room

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality During Winter

During the warmer months, maintaining air quality in your home is easy. Then come the winter months, where you and your family have to spend more time indoors, and maintaining indoor quality can be challenging. One of the efficient solutions is to use an air purifier filter replacement. Still, there are other things you can do on top of using an air purifier during winter. Let's check out why air quality matters and what you can do to improve air quality in your home during winter.
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women with a cold or flu blowing nose on couch

How to Prevent Colds and Flus This Winter

As we enter cold and flu season, the question of how to prevent a cold becomes more and more prevalent in our lives. From vitamins and supplements to HEPA air purifiers, there are a lot of products that claim to prevent illness. But how do you prevent colds and flu naturally, and what are the best ways to avoid getting sick? Learn more.
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mold and mildew in gutters causing musty smell and fall allergies

Enjoy Fall While Avoiding Leaf Mildew and Musty Smells

Fall leaves are gorgeous—until they mildew outside your house and bring in musty smells that even the most aggressive vacuuming can't erase. Learn more about the common causes for fall allergies, how to prevent and reduce fall allergies, and how to avoid leaf mildew and musty smells.
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