How to Make Your House Smell Good

Many homeowners do not realize there are smells inside their homes until they have been away for a while. Most people become accustomed to the scents of their house which could lead to offensive odors lingering, even after cleaning.

Consider the odors in your home. Do you have animals? Cook with heavy spices? Or maybe you live in a humid area that leaves a damp smell in the house. Cleaning the house with chemicals only masks and adds to the smell.

Air purification can assist with removing offending odors for good. Read on to find out how Veva air purification works, what it removes, and how to make your house smell inviting.

How do you deodorize your house?

Dealing with the objects that cause the odors is the first step to getting your house deodorized. Here are a few places to check and clean first:

  • The fridge can harbor awful smells of bad food and moisture both in and underneath.
  • Soft surfaces like the couch or rugs need to be steam cleaned for best odor removal.
  • Check the trash can under the bag, it can collect leaked fluids that grow molds.
  • Clean the air conditioning filters, they can contain anything from dust to moisture and spread it throughout the home.

Once you have cleaned all the possible offenders, let in some air, or begin running an air purifier to clean the air inside the home. Air that isn't refreshed can contain smells from cleaning, animals, and cooking making your home smell dirtier than it is.

Cleaning the basics may not be enough in some cases, a power clean of the whole home may be in order. This is especially true if you're moving into a new home or apartment where the previous tenants may have smoked inside.

What do air purifiers remove?

An air purifier is a device that moves air through a filter to trap particles that can cause odors and allergies. It can remove offenders like smoke, dust, pollen, mold spores, dander, and strong smells.

When placing an air purifier with a HEPA filter, you can catch most of the culprits of allergy season turning your home into a safe zone. Particles brought in from the outside can be filtered out before they settle on soft surfaces.

How can I tell if my home air quality is bad?

Simply put, it smells bad inside. While just a bad smell in the home may beam something is not right, bad air can produce respiratory symptoms like coughing and sneezing.

Pollutants can cause rashes, infections, headaches, and insomnia if allowed to settle on the skin and soft surfaces. Protect your home and family and filter the air to get rid of these contaminants.

How can I improve the air quality in my home?

Cleaning the air inside your home begins with cleaning. Use products that kill bacteria and molds in highly susceptible areas like the kitchen and bathrooms. Dusting frequently will also help increase the air's quality.

The next step would be to ensure the existing air filters on your heater and air conditioner are properly cleaned. These filters should be cleaned or replaced monthly. Yearly inspections of ducts may indicate a need for duct cleaning as well.

Lastly, buy enough air purifiers to adequately filter the air inside your home. One Veva 8000 air purifier can cover 325 sq. ft, which is usually enough for a small room or office. The ProHEPA 9000 can cover larger rooms of 600 sq. ft or more.

Placement of the air purifier is one of the overlooked reasons as to why they aren't working as well as they should. Place your air purifier at least three feet high near entry points where the air moves freely.

What other ways can I purify my air?

Have you ever began vacuuming and realized the exhaust of the vacuum is making the house smell worse? The filter on your vacuum may need to be cleaned or replaced. Most people don't even think about the vacuum as a source of bad air.

Veva has vacuum filters and bags that can assist with cleaning the air while you clean the dust and dirt off the floor. The filters fit brands like Dyson, Bissell, and Shark and the bags are able to fit Kenmore, Kirby, and Miele.

Deep cleaning the carpet and rugs is another good way to remove some odors. Steam cleaning furniture and rugs can kill the bacteria that cause bad smells.

How can I get my house to smell nice?

There are many ways to scent the home to make some of the hard-to-remove odors disappear. Home fragrances are a popular way to go, but some popular scents can be too strong. For best results:

  • Avoid using multiple scents in one area, the combination may not smell like you wish.
  • Avoid sprays that mask the odors. Instead, opt for soft surface sprays that remove the odor.
  • Avoid heavy scents. Lighter scents smell cleaner and are more welcoming.
  • Use the exhaust fan while cooking to remove the smells of particularly odorous foods from the home.

Using candles, oil diffusers, and incense are popular ways to make the home smell better. However, some smells can actually make allergies worse. Smoke from extinguished flames and heavy perfumes can irritate the airways.

How Veva Can Help Clean the Air in Your Home

Veva offers two strong air purifiers with HEPA filters that are discrete and small enough for any room in the house. Pairing the purifiers with replaceable filters and vacuum filters can aid you in removing harmful particles from your home's air.

Even businesses can benefit from the quiet cleaning of the air to assist with removing the stuffiness out of infrequently used conference rooms and offices. Bulk orders are available to accommodate any size building that needs air purification to improve health and wellbeing.  

The best way to get your house to smell amazing is with adequate air purification systems from Veva. Contact us today to order the best air purifier for your home and get the bad smells out!


Contributing Writer: Tammy Jeannice

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